Monday, July 31, 2006

Coffee and Blend Reviews (the database)

This is a list of coffees and blends I have tried, and my reviews of them. If the roaster is of any importance, they will be mentioned in the title. Updated as often as coffees are reviewed.

Espresso Blends
Classic Espresso blend - Rocket Coffee Roasters

Rocket Reserve Espresso blend - Rocket Coffee Roasters

Darkstar Espresso blend - Rocket Coffee Roasters

Espresso Torro - West Coast Roasting

Decaf Espresso Torro - West Coast Roasting

Cottonwood espresso blend - The Brown Coffee Company

Super Tuscan Espresso - The Roasterie

Single Origins
Papua New Guinea - Sigri (self-roasted)

Panama - Kotowa Duncan SHB Organic (Rocket Coffee Roasters)

El Salvador - Mont De Leon (Rocket Coffee Roasters)

El Salvador - CoE #4 - Santa Sofia (Rocket Coffee Roasters)


James Hoffmann said...

Seems we are thinking along the same lines!

Jason Haeger said...

Honestly, I've been writing these for awhile, but I had not thought of creating a databse for them until I got the idea from you.

I'm a big fan of your blog. I know it's said, but you keep us all on our toes.

Jason said...

Is that your latte art in the profile pic? If so..very nice.

Jason Haeger said...

Yes it is. Thank you.

chia said...

Egads! another Haeger! I'm an Erich Haeger, though I suspect of no relation. Hey, you take care of that name, I'm doing enough damage on my own.

Jason Haeger said...

Caaaan do.

So, who in your extended family immigrated from Germany?