Sunday, August 13, 2006

Back from Dallas

I haven't updated in awhile, and it's mostly because I've been in Dallas for the past week. I didn't really do much that was coffee related, but I did come across a shop that served up tasty microfoam with mediocre espresso in a 14 oz. cup sold as a Cappuccino.

The barista seemed interested in learning more. She got kind of excited when I mentioned the idea of latte art contests and barista contests while talking coffee (as I often do). In my opinion, if these folks just do a little research, they could be a shop worthy of visiting.

btw, it's called Java & Cha Co. in Plano, TX.

While there, I bought some cups. Pictures to come (possibly).

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TG said...

i like that place. they were one of the first in the dallas area to do the bubble tea deal. they seem interested in doing good things. and it's a pretty good "scene" for a little suburban place

(p.s. why no option for anonymous comments?)