Friday, January 05, 2007

The AZ Barista Jam

I leave for Phoenix, AZ tomorrow afternoon. Larry is going to get me from the airport, and we'll put around Phoenix for part of the day, at least. I'm not sure if we're driving down to Tucson that night, or the next morning.

It's exciting for me. I'll get to put a face to all these people I've been in contact with for quite some time now thanks to Arizona Coffee.

I know Mike "call me Trevino" Trevino has been putting a lot of work into organizing this thing, which is taking place at The Coffee Vein.

Here is an abbreviated schedule of events - (times subject to change - but unlikely)

Sunday 1/7

10am- "Making the perfect Mocha"

11am- "From seed to cup" presentation; by Edwin Martinez, Finca Vista Hermosa, Guatemala

12:00- Lunch Break (free time)

1pm- Pacific Foods "Latte Art Contest"

2:30pm- Latte Art Technique

3:30pm- "Importance of water quality" presentation - David Beeman, Cirqua Water Systems

5pm- Advanced Espresso Extraction

6pm - 9pm- Home Barista Espresso Fest, sponsored by Vaneli's

Monday 1/8

10am- "Espresso Machine Maintenance" - Bill Brodberg, Espresso Wrench

11am- "Comparative Cupping" - Larry Jones, Rocket Coffee Roasters

12:00- Lunch Break (free time)

1pm- Artista Signature Drink Competition

2:30pm- Advanced Brewing Methods- Edwin Martinez

3:30pm- "What's on your drink menu?" Alternative drink options- Red Rock Foods

4:30pm "Open Jam" time on espresso machines

So, there you have it. I'm hoping to get a lot of pictures from this one. I may or may not enter the sig drink contest. I don't feel I'm prepared. I just haven't had time to play with my ideas yet, but hopefully, soon.

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