Monday, October 15, 2007

Excitment.. from a picture

I'm not sure how many who read this blog have heard of/have participated in an online virtual cupping club before, but the boys at Barismo have been sending out roast samples to compare cupping notes, I suspect, partly to educate those in participation, but also to get a few outside opinions via blind tasting.

At any rate, I saw this picture today, and this means.. .. another round of tasting.

This time, via vac-pot.

Hmm... I wonder what's in that bag with my name on it.

New tastes, new experiences, and a chance to help some friends progress. Dig it.


Branden said...

I dig it too! One question though, why are you getting more than me?! Jk!

Seriously though, I'm definitely looking forward to tasting what they've been roasting and love this virtual cupping concept...

Ben Chen said...

Now boys, everyone is getting two bags, but not necessary the same thing. I do make sure you get either 80 or 120g. Enough for 2 to 3 vacpot plus some traditional cupping.

There are some reasons behind this madness, but mostly blame it on the tiny batch size of my roaster (~200g roasted) ;-)

Ben Chen said...

Now kids,

Everyone gets two bags. You two got equal amount of coffee (not the same though - blame it on the batch size of my roaster...).

I do apologize of making you wait so long. Trust me, it pains me more than you imagined...