Thursday, September 11, 2008

WBC Fires Michelle Campbell

Wow. Just, wow.

Read about it here:

If you have ever competed in any SCAA Regional, the USBC, or the WBC, you have seen the handiwork of Michelle Campbell. Nothing but love for the amazing work she's done over the years. She's left some gigantic shoes to fill that I don't think the board recognized the proportions of when they made this decision.

If you, like me, oppose this decision, you can write to the members of the WBC Board of Directors.

They are:


CoffeeGeek Bloggin' said...

Cindy's email address is borked - should be - the originating email sent out had the typo.

This is an unfathomable decision by the WBC board. I've written my email, still waiting for a response.

Michelle is crushed by the decision. :(

Jason Haeger said...

I got that impression as well. (it was not stated, but it's quite clear that she's really quite unhappy about it. "crushed" seems accurate to me too.)

I'm not sure if I should email or not. I have in no way been affiliated with the WBC as a competitor, Judge, Volunteer, or even live spectator. Since her status with the SCAA still stands, I feel I may not have much to contest on a basis of legitimacy.

I do hope this word spreads, and WBC competitors, judges, and volunteers the world over DO contact the board in an effort to overturn this mistake.