Wednesday, January 21, 2009

This blogger sucks.

And why you may ask? Well, if it isn't obvious, it's been months since I've revisited the ol' coffee aspirations blog. This blog is where I documented my venturing out into the world of specialty coffee a few years ago, and I've been trying to keep it rolling ever since.

Since starting this blog, I've gone on to a number of other things. For one, I started For another, I started, which is where much of my time is spent, and most of my blogging efforts are put to use.

Being a semi-public figure in coffee, I've found it harder and harder to express my personal feelings towards things for fear of accidental defamation, pissing off people who have been around the industry for longer than me, and for just plain not wanting to give the wrong impression about myself in the eyes of others.

Things have been slow with this economy, and it's just now that I'm starting to see retailers recognize what they need to do to survive. It's taken months, but they're coming around... at least, the ones who have come to realize that they need to focus on quality and value ahead of every other principle are.

This is where comes in. If you are a retailer, and you need to revamp the quality or approach to spark new life into your coffee program, or if you just need to get an edge on your competition in an effort to survive this economy, there is no better investment than an investment IN YOURSELF. (or so many professors have told me throughout my college career, and I'm inclined to believe it to be true)

You and your people are the best tools you have, and to invest in your company's people is the best mode of investment possible. It's better than advertising. It's better than shiny new equipment. It's better than impulse buy products. Sure, this is a shameless plug, but it's more than that. It's the truth. The companies that are thriving in this economy are the ones who have already done just that, and if you find your business struggling, and you aren't quite sure what to do, consider bringing in a consultant or professional skills trainer. (like myself) Usually, they'll talk with you to see if they can help in the first place before you spend a dime. (I know I do)

Most of us got into this business to help others succeed primarily, and to make a living secondarily. I love coffee, and I want to see the progress of coffee do well, and I want to see businesses who dream of coffee to see this progress in the realization of their dream, as well as in their proverbial pocket book, without which, no dream can survive for long.

Until next time, enjoy your espresso, and savor the flavor. I hope readers of this blog fare this recession well.

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