Monday, April 28, 2008

Coffee and (amateur) Photography

It's not as easy as one might think.

Here are my latest attempts at photographic "ars coffea". (that's coffee art)

The beginning stages.

Waiting patiently.

a bit blurry.

Ran low on milk on the shorter one. (in case it isn't obvious enough)

As photogenic as coffee and espresso are supposed to be, I seem to have a difficult time being satisfied with any shots I get of either.

Tips, pointers, or undeserved praise are welcome. (and encouraged)


Derek Weinbrenner said...

I like the full one. Much more delicate and intricate. Obviously the low-milk one blows goats for nickels (not bad enough for dimes or greater though). It's clear in the uneven shape. Although, oddly enough it seems more natural. Like you might find that shape in nature, if coffee naturally brewed itself in nature, among the naturalized.

Jason Haeger said...

The symmetry is better on the short cup.

I wish nature would brew me a fabulous cup of coffee. Then again, if it did, I guess I'd be out of a job, now, wouldn't I?