Wednesday, May 21, 2008

LCC #4, and other coffee-related stuff

The Lubbock Coffee Club's 4th monthly meeting is slated for this coming Thursday.

This month's theme is latte art. We're having a full-on latte art jam, including tutorials, tips, social interaction, and lots of fun.

The intention is what it has been since the LCC's inception. To get local baristas and shop owners excited about coffee. It's working. Slowly but surely. We are building a scene. (about d*mn time, too. I've been at it for years!)

My good friend Aaron Blanco announced his $9 coffee sale at Sweet deal. $9 for any coffee they offer. Not bad at all. I highly recommend the PNG Tribal Garden. Clean, crisp, refreshing. Lots of grapefruit.

I've been a tad busy lately. The semester is over, but I am behind on work. I've been working on completely re-creating the core curriculum for all three levels of training. Not to mention, I'm re-working the brand image. No longer is the "-Jason Coffee" name, brand, or logo being utilized. I don't like it. I didn't come up with it. And it doesn't send the intended message.

The new basic name/logo now looks like this:

Of course, there are also variations, like this one:
The first happens to fit nicely on a polo. The second happens to fit nicely on t-shirts and ball caps.

A bit "corporate" looking? Sure.. but I think it gets the point across and fits the target demographic.

Also a new "banner" picture:
(and there's another used on the sidebar at

I figure, I'm doing all this work on the image for my business, it's far beyond time to revamp the promo stuff, a'la the clothes and goodies at (yes, I know it's not as good as keeping stock, but I don't have the space or the cash set aside for that, so this will have to do).

I came up with this little gem today.. This one's just for coffee nerds:

To see the image close-up, or to see it on different colors (or to buy one, for God's sake) Click Here.

I honestly would LOVE to hear some input into design suggestions, requests (if you're a reader) and the like.

I'll be taking a trip to a town near Ottawa in about a month. This will be my first time in Canada, and I am very excited. Of course, I'll be working practically non-stop the entire time, but that's the reason for the trip, so there's no point in complaining about that. I'm hoping to get lots of pictures. The area looks to be absolutely beautiful. (especially compared to the flat over-grown plateau of light brown dust known as the "caprock".

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