Friday, March 31, 2006

I'm a writer!

Two days ago I received an email from Larry Jones at Rocket Coffee Roasters in Phoenix, AZ. He told me he loved my contributions on CG and asked if I would be willing to write for Arizona Coffee. His exact words were,

"My reason for this email is to ask if you would like to be a contributer of some form to the site. You could write a short article about anything coffee related, equipment review, maybe how the coffee scene in TX compares to AZ...whatever, I trust your instincts! This site is becoming a major resource for coffee here in AZ and I know they are doing a interview this Fri with the owners of a large popular coffeehouse and will be recording future interviews for playback on the site as well."

Of course, I couldn't say no. We corresponded a bit and I learned that the Specialty Coffee scene there is much like it is here. He's a Third Wave roaster in a Second Wave town, and extremely frustrated with his attemps to progress the Third Wave in the Southwestern United States.

It sounds familiar.

I figured there's no better way to help progress the third wave than to convince the general coffee-drinking public by showing them WHY we should care so much about quality.

I finished the article just a few minutes ago, and submitted it to Larry. As soon as it's published, I'll post a link here for all to see.

Awesome stuff.

edit: UPDATE!
I should've updated this quite awhile ago, but the article is up.. it has been up since the day after I submitted it.
Let me know what you think by leaving comments on the site (not here, please).
The only article present, currently. "Quality.. Why Bother?"

I hope you like it.


Matthew Brinski said...

Very cool oppurtunity. Have a good time with it.

Chris said...

Hi Jason, I'm Chris from Arizona Coffee and I just wanted to thank you for the great article! It's really good and touches on a topic I haven't written about. Thank you and I hope you write more!


Reighlok said...

Congratulations. Let people on CG know where your articles are being posted. You might find some of your fans becoming fans of Chris's site.