Thursday, March 16, 2006

My Home setup

Here you see my home setup. It looks a little different now, but this is how it looked when it was first assembled.
The Gaggia MDF is now stepless(how-to to come), the hopper is removed, and the tamper has its own non-skid resting place fixed to the top of the doser lid. The Gaggia Coffee is actually rebadged as a Proteo Romanza, and is now equipped with a bottomless portafilter, and the pitcher is now 12oz. instead of the 20oz. pitcher pictured. I've found the 12oz. pitcher to be far easier to work with on the Gaggia's stub of a steam wand (the turbo frother attachment was removed for its uselessness).

The tamper is a Stainless Steel Pro-Tamp designed by Terry Ziniewicz of with a convex tamping piston.

For the record, I have major upgrade fever, but I'm still a poor college student struggling as a Third Wave barista in a college town stagnant in a Second Wave market. Posted by Picasa


David Paulin said...

So, how does the Gaggia Proteo Romanza compare to the Starbucks Barista? i understand the Proteo has more pressure, but I'm wondering it it really makes a difference. Good luck in school.

Eric Marsh said...

I've had a Proteo Romanza for about fifteen years now and it just keeps working. I also had the Starbucks but it died after a couple years.