Tuesday, February 12, 2008

It all comes down to one word

And that word is LOVE.

I don't work. I thrive.

Work is something you do because you have to in order to pay the bills.

Thriving is something you do because you love it so much.

I've been on a small coffee hiatus while getting over the flu. I've returned. And with my return from the hiatus came the gushing of mushy stuff. Don't ask me why.

I love the industry and everyone in it. At times, we don't agree. We may even have heated arguments. We may have times when we feel we are on top of the world, and a few short weeks later, we feel there is nowhere left to go. The feelings of extremes are always short lived.

What it all comes down to is a bunch of people drawn to the same passion. The same spark. The same reason for a constantly moving target, always just out of reach, that we call satisfaction.

It's almost religious, really.

Where did this come from? It was always there.

It's late, and I'm feeling extra gushy about it for some reason right now, and felt like sharing the love publicly.

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