Friday, February 22, 2008

Lubbock Coffee Club

After a good long while of trying to get one of these together, it's finally happened.

The LCC Meeting #1 is in the history books.

This neck of the woods is YOUNG in the coffee scene, so I wanted to keep it kind of simple, yet not boring. The last thing I wanted to do was to intimidate anyone new to the quality side of coffee. At the same time, I didn't want to bore the people who had already begun their own journey in quality coffee.

The result? Comparitive tasting, as an education for communicating with customers in terms of flavor and reference. (note: not comparative cupping. why? read from the top again)

We tasted a C-grade pre-ground coffee, a C-grade whole bean coffee, a dark roast specialty coffee, and a light roast specialty coffee (both whole bean, obviously).

They were all pressed, and then tasted.

I'm happy to say that everyone seemed to take something away from it. Nobody was bored, and nobody was overwhelmed. (Phew!)

In attendance were
- the owner, manager, lead barista, and another barista from the host store: Sugar Brown's.

- A barista trying to supplement her thirst for coffee knowledge from Starbucks.

- Two baristas from Day Break Coffee Roasters.

- A married couple who run the coffee shop inside St. Matthew's United Methodist Church.

- Me, of

- Tim, the owner of Red Baron Coffee Haus (a drive-thru located at his Red Baron Car Wash)was supposed to show, but for some reason never arrived. (We hope you can make the next one, Tim)

I'd like to get more local coffee people involved in this. We have a meeting and topic already decided on for next month. Thankfully, I'm not presenting that one.

West Texas, watch out. Lubbock is wising up.

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