Friday, February 15, 2008

A New Grinder on the way.

The Mazzer SJ that I had poted pics of before was on loan from Rocket Coffee Roasters to prepare for the SCRBC, as well as for use as a second grinder during the competition.

I had fully intended to buy it, but the money never came in time, and then things got worse. I ended up sending it back when RCR pretty well dissolved into a consulting firm and not a lot else.

So.. I've been stuck with my stepless MDF. And boy, is it ever painful to use when you're used to bigger and better things.

The good news is that I have a "Rio" badged SJ on the way. It probably will not be put to use right away.

If I set it up to use right away, I will never have the patience to go without it for necessary (or unnecessary) cosmetic improvements. So, If needed, I'm going to get those out of the way first.

In related news, Great Infusions has made mention of some new "Duranium" burrs for the SJ. Unfortunately, they haven't given any real information beyond the fact that they are "supposed" to be harder, sharper, and last longer.

I was hoping for more evidence, like grind particle size comparison photographs, side-by-side cup characteristic differences. Instead, they mentioned something about the sound difference and that it might be a little faster (and the grounds may be a little fluffier).

Considering the fact that the name "Duranium" is of a mythical substance, I'd hoped for more detailed information.

That having been said, I'm holding out on purchasing new burrs for this "new" grinder until I've heard more news.

Grinder pictures to come.


Mike said...

why a SJ? we are temporarily using one for decaf and it drives me bonkers...

Ben Chen said...

What a coincidence! I have a new grinder coming too!! =D

Too bad Monday is a holiday at work so I won't be able to take delivery until Tuesday.

Pictures WILL be posted ;-)

Jason Haeger said...

SJ is not my first choice either, but it's just for home use.

That, and I was able to swing it used for just over $200 including shipping.

Ever since I returned the other one, I've been suffering terribly from MGSD (My Grinder Sucks Disorder).

SJ, especially at the price, is going to be much better.

If I had lots of cash to blow on a grinder, believe me, it would have been a different story.

I'm sure your grinder will be more interesting than mine.

I'd like to get a different grinder for cupping and the like, but that'll have to wait for another time.

I've got some bigger business deals in the works, so who knows.

How's the progress going in Boston?

Ben Chen said...


Get a new set of burrs, get rid of the fork, and do the sweeper mod. You will be all set for a good while. I had one of those tagex ones and it lasted me till now (at least 2 years).

I use my SJ for cupping/vacpot/espresso because the grind quality is simply better than the rocky doserless (even though the rocky is way more convenient for cupping/vacpot).

Things are busy here, but all are boring stuff. Jaime is dealing w/ a lot of biz/backend things and I am trying to do some more long term study of the roasts. Gotta make sure they do well in different brewers for at least 7+ days =)

Hope we have more updates soon but it's just so much busy work now...

Ben Chen said...

The monster has arrived!!! Photos will be up tonight ;-)

Jason Haeger said...

I'm looking forward to it!